A fresh outlook for your network

Vostron were a small company in the corporate communications technology space, with ambitions to become a big player. With an unshakable dedication perfectionism setting their service apart from the competition, they approached us to help create a new brand and website to disrupt the industry and support their premium service offering.

The Challenge

Vostron wanted a brand to fit their mantra of providing a personal service and doing everything to the highest possibly standard (even the smaller details like cabling had to be perfect and considered). This positioning needed to be effectively articulated in their brand and website to give them stand-out in a saturated ‘tech focused’ industry, dominated by large corporates.

The Solution

We created a brand image which was both slick and professional as well as personable and approachable. The focus was on the tangible human and business benefits, using striking abstract imagery, colour coded sections and ultra-simplified language.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Website Development
Website Design
Brand Development
Press Adverts
Exhibition & Set Design
3D Rendering & Visualisations
Digital Banners & Animation
Vehicle Livery


The Result

The client feels their brand now stands head and shoulders above their competitors, and has supported their continued growth as a premium independent communications technology provider.