Ten questions with… Cameron Tubb

Our growing creative team has been strengthened further by the addition of Cameron Tubb. Cameron is an extremely talented and versatile designer, with a great eye for detail and knack for finding simple creative solutions to complex challenges.

As well as additional skills and experience in video, animation and photography, Cameron’s background in producing creative for musicians and record labels is really exciting, and we’re looking forward to seeing him channel his creative thinking into our projects.

We’re a little apprehensive about his ‘electro synth’ playlists filling the office airwaves, but we have a little more remote working until we get subjected to that!

Here’s ten questions to get to know him a little better…


1. What do you do? 

I’m a well rounded designer and have worked across a wide array of mediums in my previous roles. I have a love for big bold and simple animated typography with a drive to hone my skills in a multitude of areas to become the best I can be. I’m excited to take the next step in my Design career!

2. What’s your career highlight so far?

I had the pleasure of designing a huge cassette tape series for a number of musicians from multiple disciplines over the lockdown period, for a record label called Boomkat. I was able to work on cassettes for turner prize winner Mark Leckey to Twins peaks and David Lynch’s sound design mistro Dean Hurley. The tape series was a quick snapshot into the studios and minds of some incredible musicians over the lockdown period.

3. Which brand excites you the most at the moment? (Doesn’t have to be one of ours!)

The brand that excited me the most atm is probably Nike, they commission a wide variety of designers and artist all throughout the year to come up with incredible concepts/pop up shops. Their whole ethos of “just do it” resonates throughout how they approach design. They are not scared to box themselves in with one style.

4. Who’s your favourite graphic artist?

At the moment its Jake Farmer (_designbyjake) hes an incredible motion type designer whose experiments inspire me on the daily. His use of colour space type and movement is mesmerising and its something I’m striving to achieve.

5. What attracted you to Zap?

What attracted me to zap was just the great range of design projects that they have, and wanting to get myself into a studio and work with a great bunch of people to create inspiring work.

6. Last film you watched?

The 1964 “Zulu” with a very young Micheal bloody Caine, it tells the true story of the British forces held up in a supply depot and hospital as they fight off the Zulu warriors who drastically outnumber them.

7. What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is Electro synth pop, I love a bit of Robyn and La Roux!

8. Most embarrassing moment?

Like many people that went to university there are some that should remain buried for eternity in the depths of my mind! But let’s go tripping up the stairs and going flying in a packed shopping centre.

9. If you could choose any superpower…

So many amazing possibilities but some sort of superman style power, I would fly through the solar system and explore the galaxies I just hope I could find my way back.

10. What are you looking forward to most this year?

Im really excited to move my career forward with Zap and spend some quality time with my nearest and dearest once lockdown has lifted. (BUT MAINLY THE NEW JAMES BOND MOVIE!)