We have an exciting new charity partnership with Plastic Oceans

By James Golding

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for an extended period of time, you’ll know that plastic waste is a huge issue across the world at present, and needs some significant change and positive action to both raise awareness and combat the issue.

Plastic pollution in our Oceans is an issue that we’re passionate about, living and working near the sea it’s an problem that we’re very aware of.

We’re really excited to be able to offer creative support to the incredible team at Plastic Oceans, and help bring their new brand to life in raising awareness for the cause.


Who are Plastic Oceans?

Established in 2009, Plastic Oceans were the first NGO to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. Their work is based on proven science and experience. They inspire people to make real-life, positive changes to prevent plastic pollution in the ocean.

Their work started with an award-winning documentary called ‘A Plastic Ocean’. It’s been named by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” and has ignited mass consumer awareness.

plastic oceans

What’s the problem?

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean each year, causing serious harm to marine ecosystems that we depend on for our survival. It takes centuries to biodegrade. 80% of the plastic that goes into the ocean comes from us, and what we throw away. Plastic Oceans are one of several groups developing tools, resources and activities to inspire people to change the way they use plastic materials and look at more sustainable options.

Start making a difference

Although there’s a long way to go, awareness certainly seems to be steadily rising, and actual change is beginning to build momentum. We’re noticing with our clients in the food and drink sector, recyclable packaging and sustainable sourcing is a major priority for them.

Our friends at Ugly Drinks have recently taken that focus a step further. Not only focussing on the sustainability of their core products, but looking at what they can do to innovate and effect change in materials that we take for granted.  We’re recently helped them produce a fantastic range of artwork for a new still and sparkling canned water range, challenging the market that is used to selling still and sparkling water in plastic bottles.

What can we do to help?

Everyone can make a difference, it starts with each of us as individuals! Whether it’s helping to clean your local beach, donating to the cause, or making better decisions about packaging on the products you buy and spreading awareness. Here’s our ten top tips for simple, everyday changes that can help you make a difference:

1. Look at what we purchase and try and buy plastic free alternatives (which are normally better for the environment in other ways too).

2. Buy soap or shampoo bars rather than new bottles, or look for a retailer who will let you refill your bottles (our local farm shop ‘Sunny Fields’ in Marchwood offer this).

3. Same as above for cleaning products, look for a place that will allow you to refill your bottles.

4. Use toothpaste tablets rather than plastic tubes.

5. Use safety razors rather than disposable plastic razors.

6. Recycle old plastic bags at supermarket rather than throwing them in bin, or use a bag for life.

7. Buy clothes from companies offering plastic free packaging.

8. Use beeswax cloths or compostable paper to wrap leftover food in fridge rather than clingfilm.

9. Look for sustainable packaging in your food and drinks. Consider canned drinks for example rather than plastic.

10. Raise your awareness, learn about the issue and the impact it has on our planet. Did you know there’s a collection of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean that’s twice the size of Texas?

Find  more by watching the excellent Plastic Oceans documentary:

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