Why an identity is more than just a logo

By Matthew Ockelford

We’re sometimes asked if we can produce just a logo. We can of course, but without brand and a powerful visual identity working alongside it, it’s unlikely to get the desired results.

First things first, it’s important to understand what a logo is exactly. It’s a unique identifying mark, it’s your brand’s signature, that’s it.

So if we look at it through this lens, would you do business with someone based solely on the quality of their signature? Probably not. Let’s take it a step further, what if the person dressed or acted in a way that wasn’t up to the standard you would expect? We’d wager almost certainly not. So back into branding terms, would you trust the professionalism of a doctor who had a great logo, however used Comic Sans as their typeface? Almost definitely not.

This is where the importance of building a brand identity rather than a logo becomes evident. Without one, establishing a brand that is loved and trusted is made a lot harder.

So what is a brand? A brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what the consumer says it is. It’s someone’s gut feeling about your product, service, or organization. You can’t tell people how to feel about your brand, that’s up to them. You can however help influence their opinion, and this is done through the consistency of your brand image.
A successful brand identity tailors all of your outwards facing communications to your target audience. That means your logo, typography, imagery and even the way you communicate is geared towards portraying your company in the best possible and most consistent way time and time again. This in turn helps grow trust in your brand and give you the best chance possible of standing out in the crowd for all the right ways.

As a studio we believe in crafting brands that are rich in strategic thinking and purpose. Our aim is to give you everything you need to deliver a consistent, unique, and comprehensive brand experience (including a beautiful logo). This will allow you to always present the best possible image of yourself, help you reach your audience, gain their trust, and earn their loyalty.