Creative for natural born snackers

Mavericks came to us looking for a creative partner who could help gain a foot hold thier healthy snack delivery product in the market place. Their child focused snack boxes are full of adventure – healthy snacks, cool missions and games for vine-swinging, dragon-riding kids.

The Challenge

They had developed a vibrant child focused identity and were looking for a creative partner to help grow the brand and produce collateral across a range of mediums.

Communicating to both children and parents in an effective empowering way, advocating fun and encouraging healthy food choices at the same time, presented a wide array of creative challenges.

The Solution

Working closely with the client we have maintained consistency while pushing the creative, fun focused nature of the brand, to help anchor it’s unique message in a congested market place.

Services Provided

Campaign Creative
Exhibition & Set Design
Press Adverts
3D Rendering & Visualisations
Packaging Design
Digital Banners & Animation

Campaign Creative


The Result

Mavericks Snacks have cornered their niche in the children’s snack market, communicating effectively with children and parents on a fun and educational level at the same time.