Telling the
ugly truth

Ugly came to us as an emerging drinks brand with global ambitions, to inform health conscious consumers of the ‘Ugly Truth’ about the soft drinks industry.


The Challenge

The Ugly approach was to cut through all the traditional disingenuous soft drink marketing, and say it like it is. No unattainable lifestyles, no ridiculous promises. Just a healthier alternative soft drink.

They had developed a stunning identity and were looking for a creative partner to help grow the brand and deliver their message across a range of mediums, in both UK and US markets.

Services Provided

Campaign Creative
Brand Development
Packaging design
Press Adverts
Exhibition & Set Design
3D Rendering & Visualisations
Digital Banners & Animation
Social Media Content

ugly no BS

The Solution

Working closely the Ugly marketing team we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the brand and the business, which has allowed us maximise efficiency and be reactive when opportunities have arisen. Together we’ve maintained messaging consistency and maximised impact across a huge range of creative output.

Brand Creative

Ugly Limited Edition Copy
Ugly Limited Edition Marshmallow
Ugly Limited Edition Orange Soda
Render shot of Ugly Cherry

Flavour Animations

The Result

Ugly have established themselves in UK and US supermarkets and convenience stores, successfully making a splash in a multi-billion dollar industry. We’re currently helping them to expanding their range with some exciting new products.

Zap have done a fantastic job of adopting the Ugly Brand and helping it evolve creatively and consistently. The team have worked across a variety of projects for Ugly and always deliver great results in the timeframe and budget required. We’re proud to have such an innovative and talented partner.

Orla Weir, Global Brand Manager, Ugly Drinks

Orla Weir
Global Brand Manager, Ugly Drinks